Welcome to N-Vision Internet Solutions.

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N-Vision provides services in the following area's :

Shop connections to Online payment services

N-Vision has worked on projects for Adyen, Bibit, Interpay and Online Transaction Systems and therefore knows the ins and outs of most Internet payments systems used in the Netherlands.

We can develop custom connections based on ASP, PHP or Perl, or we can connect a shop  implemented with  Shopfactory, OS Commerce or Akopia/Interchange to a payment service like :

Another service we can provide is the customisation of your hosted payment page (skin) so that it will match the look and feel of your web site.

Development of Web shopsites

We can help you if you need customizations or additions to your existing site. Both Windows/ASP and Unix/PHP/MySQL are supported.

Custom programming

Do you need modifications or additions to your existing software ?
Do you want to develop a new application from scratch ?
Do you need standalone or online MultiMedia solutions ?

We can help if you use one of these environments :
  • MS office
  • SQL Server, MySQL
  • Visual Basic
  • Unix/Apache/Lampp/PHP
  • Macromedia Director, Flash / Actionscript

A list of our clients

N-Vision Internet Solutions - Amsterdam, Holland